What are the advantages of leasing land over buying a piece of property?

Leasing their property allows our residents to enjoy all the benefits of home ownership for far less cost, by eliminating the expenses and obligations associated with land purchases. East Avenue and Forest Lawn combines the comfort, independence, privacy, and sense of community associated with living in a beautiful country with the flexibility and mobility that only a manufactured home can provide.

Is financing available?

Yes, 15 to 25 year mortgages are available depending on the Funding Company.
We work with a verity of financial brokers.

How much is the lot rent and what does it include?

The lot rent is $453 per month at East Avenue and $443 at Forest Lawn. The lot rent include's water and sewer, County and School taxes, common street lighting, repair and maintenance of all common areas, including underground utilities. Roadways are maintained by our in house maintenance crew.


Depending on their age and income level, community residents may be eligible for New York State's School Tax Relief (STAR) program, which provides school tax relief to homeowners through a state-funded property tax exemption.

Does the lease fee ever change and by how much?

It's a fact of life that the price of almost everything goes up over time - including the goods and services we need in order to maintain East Avenue and Forest Lawn to keep us in pace with inflation and allow us to maintain the quality of service that our residents expect.

What are the community rules?

The old saying that "Good fences make good neighbors" is also true of good communities. We want our residents to enjoy an active lifestyle and the joys and privileges of home ownership. Our community standards have been developed over years of experience and with input from past and present residents. They're based on the same basic "common sense" principles that most people live by in their daily lives.

Can guests visit and stay with us?

Absolutely. We welcome guests and treat them just like residents - which includes expecting them to abide by the same community rules as their hosts do.

Are house pets allowed?

Most people treat their pets like members of their family, and we wouldn't want to do anything to change that. Two house pets are allowed, per home.

How do we sell our home if we need or want to?

You are free to sell your home independently, through an agent, or by listing it with an East Avenue Sales Agent. Our homes actually appreciate in value over time, and represent a solid investment.

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Also by appointment on weekends.